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 Simple rules while in legacy

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PostSubject: Simple rules while in legacy   Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:32 am

1) The minimul age is 18+. There is a probationary period of one month. If while on probation you are called down by a general due to rude or inapproiate chat more that one time you will me kicked from cc and forums, no questions. Sad

2) There is to be no discussion of politics and/or religion in cc.

3) Be respectful of others while in cc. If someone says "change subject" due to rude chat or inapproiate chat than please do.

4) If the chat isn't to your liking but is with good taste than leave cc until the subject has moved on.

5) No bullying of others in CC.

6) No nudity or otherwise ofensive pictures or video is to be posted on this forum board.

7) No reporting for things said in CC. We are adults and friends.

8)Please keep the swearing to a minimum. Like I said respect others.

9) Have fun cheers

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Simple rules while in legacy
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